Caller Ringback Tones

Ring back Tone  Service:



  •          The Ring Back Tone service ( a7la nagama ) let's the caller enjoy an attractive range of content from our library, instead of the default ring tone. The categories include Islamic, Sudanese, poetry, and entertainment content.

Service subscription:

  • To subscribe send "SUB” to 2020.
  • You will receive an SMS containing confirmation of the subscription and the default ring tone will be played.       
  • To change the default tone call 2020 and follow the instructions.
  • The subscription is available with "press star " feature.
  • The subscription is available with "press star " feature.
  • You can  make a gift subscription to your friends and relatives through our website at

To un-subscribe:

  • Send “UNSUB” to 2020.
  • Call 2020 and follow the instructions
  • Through our website visit:
  • A confirmation SMS will be sent to confirm your un-subscription


  •    Service prices:
    • Monthly subscription 1 SDG.
    • Tone purchasing price 1 SDG.
    • Interactive voice response price 3 piaster per minute.
    • SMS price to 2020 5 piaster.
    • Tone validity 45 days.
    • Above prices are not included VAT.