Al Bashir attends the signing ceremony of Sudatel national broadband project agreement in BeijingOn Wednesday, President Omar Al Bashir, Minister of Finance and National Economy Badar Aldein Mahmoud and senior Sudanese and Chinese officials have attended the signing ceremony of Sudatel Telecom Group national broadband project agreement in Beijing. The signing ceremony is part of the Sudanese Chinese businessmen forum currently taking place in Beijing. The national broadband project aims to improve telecommunication services in Sudan, supports electronic government project, links new areas with fiber optic networks and linking Sudan with the neighboring countries.

Sudatel Telecom Group CEO Eng. Tarig Hamza has expressed his gratitude for signing the national broadband project that will enable the STG to expand information databases and provides better telecommunication services inside and out Sudan.



Sudatel Telecom Group celebrates the 20th Anniversary

Sudatel Telecom Group (STG) is celebrating its 20th anniversary. STG celebrations include a series of cultural, social and sports activities in Khartoum, various states and in the African countries where STG operates.

Sudatel Telecom Group Chief Executive Officer Eng. Tarig Hamza has extended his sincere congratulations to Sudanese nationals who supported STG since its establishment, STG board of directors and staff. “STG 20th anniversary reflects the group’s commitment to develop telecommunication sector, develop communities, work to develop foreign investments and enhances its role as a leading telecommunication company in the region” said STG CEO.

Sudatel Telecom Group Chief Executive Officer Eng. Tarig Hamza further called on Sudanese to participate in the 20th anniversary celebrations to mark it great achievements “ STG is a national group that works with proud to serve Sudanese and Africans” he concluded.

 Sudani launches Mobile Payment Service (Gorooshi) in partnership with Fisal Islamic Bank


Sudatel Telecom Group, the pioneer telecommunication company in Sudan, has launched the Mobile Payment service (Gorooshi) in partnership with Fisal Islamic Bank. The service has been officially launched in a press conference that was organized in Rotana Hotel in Khartoum on 30/08/2014.

Sudan State Minister for Finance and National Economy Dr. Abd Al Rahman Darar said, while addressing the press conference that the Mobile Payment Service (Gorooshi) aims at supporting national economy, control monetary flow and enable more citizens to benefit from banking services. “Mobile Payment Service (Gorooshi) enables clients to deposit and withdraw cash without the need to go to banks” he said adding that the availability of cash will help providing micro- finance services.

“Sudatel Telecom Group huge infrastructure of over 10,000 kilometers of fiber optic network, which is used to link banks branches, is the main guarantee for the success of the service” he said adding that Sudatel Telecom Group strong network has helped providing ATM machines all over Sudan.

On his part, Sudatel Telecom Group Chief Executive Officer Eng. Tarig Hamza said in the press conference that only 10 % of Africans use banking services while 90% of them use mobile phones servicers. “Mobile Payment Service (Gorooshi) is very secure and will be available for all registered subscribers and in all banks” said Eng. Tarig Hamza noting that the service , in the first stage, will enable customers to deposit and withdraw cash, top up mobile phone credit, pay electricity and water bills and payment of Government fees . “Mobile Payment Service (Gorooshi) is a great support to electronic government project” he concluded.  

Fisal Islamic Bank General Director Mr. Ali Omar said in the press conference that Fisal Islamic Bank is the leader in using modern electronic banking services. “Mobile Payment Service (Gorooshi) will create a new revolution in the banking system in Sudan” he said.

On his part, Sudan Telecommunication Corporation General Director Dr. Yahia Abd Allah said in the press conference that there is a need to increase collaboration between banks and telecommunication services providers to ease mobile payment service.



Press Conference to declare the results of the first half of 2014

Sudatel Group reported strong performance in the first half of 2014 comparing to the previous years ... Net Income grew by eight times, EBIDTA increased by 17% during the 1st half of 2014 comparing to last year, with EBIDTA Margin reaching 32%, Improvements across all group operations.

Khartoum, Sudan, Aug 2014 - Sudatel Telecom Group (STG) announced the company’s preliminary results for the period ending at 30 June 2014 (6 months)


Total Active Subscribers: 11.2 million

EBIDTA: USD 75 million

EBIDTA Margin: 32%

Net Income: USD 28 million

EPS: USD 0.024


H1 2014 vs. H1 2013

STG generated consolidated revenue of USD 233 million for the period January 1, 2014 through June 30, 2014. The consolidated EBIDTA for the same period is USD 75 million reflecting 17% increases comparing to last year. EBIDTA Margin is 32% at the end of the period against 27% for the same period 2013 reflecting operational efficiency. Earnings Per Share for the period is USD 0.024, significant increases from USD 0.003 for the same period 2013.



Key Notes for H1 2014


·         Foreign exchange losses in Sudan contributed to a loss of USD 10 million;

·         Selling of Shares in Ghana operation was concluded in Q2 2014;

·         STG operation in Guinea Conakry entered agreements to invest around Euro 20 million in network expansion to improve network coverage with ZTE;



STG Chairman of the Board of Directors, DR. Abdelrahman Mohamed Dirar commented on H1 2014 results: "H1 2014 results were good achievement for the group moving from net losses in previous years to net profits with great momentum, and hope for even better revenue number in the coming period inshallaha.

STG is strategically considering smart investments in Sudan and West Africa operations to continue business improvements, and enhance position in all markets.

Data, on both fixed and mobile platforms, is the strategic direction and focus for our future, utilizing the good infrastructure that Sudatel owns"

STG President and CEO, Eng Tarig Hamza Zainelabdin stated:

“The results of 2014 1st half reflected an excellent effort being made by all group operations as part of strategic direction to strengthen the financial outlook of the group, on both, top and bottom lines.

Sudatel West Africa operation recorded its first positive net income since the start up of the investment, due to high level of efficiency in Mauritania, change of the marketing strategy in Senegal, stabilization effort in Guinea Conakry, and less losses coming from Ghana as we are delivering the operation to the new buyer. In Sudan, the 1st half witnesses and increase of 18% compared to the same period last year.

Despite the high inflation rate and local currency devaluation in the main operations of Sudan, reported EBIDTA is USD 48 million, 5% increase over last year, while net income is USD 24 million a 41% increase compared to same period 2013. Sudan operation represents 66% of group active Subscribers and 56% of group revenues for H1 2014.

The group managed to maintain an acceptable operating cost compared to the same period last year, additional efforts and measures are being taken to further control and reduce cost, without compromising quality, and improving the bottom line.

Eng. Tarig also added, "STG is adopting a transformational strategy moving from a traditional mobile telecom operator towards an integrated ICT services and solutions enabler across all markets serving Business, Consumers segments and other operators

We are strategically focusing on enhancing performance through maximizing operation efficiency while keep focusing on delivering better customer experience to provide convenient services across all touch points throughout the whole customer life cycle.

Through the investments made on Submarine cables and capacities in SAS-I, SAS-II, EASSY, ACE, Data Centres and Landing stations, STG will continue to improve on our returns from the wholesale and corporate business."

He concluded: "We strongly believe that the results of the 1st half 2014 are very strong evidence to our shareholders and investors of the positive group growth and future potentials."



Statement from the Board Directors of Sudatel Telecom Group


SUDATEL Board of Directors met this afternoon, 02.November 2013 to consider the resignation request from the Chief Executive Officer Engineer / Ihab Ibrahim Mohammed Osman, After deliberation the Board Directors decided the following: -

  1. To accept the resignation of Chief Executive Officer Engineer / Ihab Ibrahim Mohammed Osman.

  2. To mandate Engineer /Tarig Hamza Zain El Abdein as acting Chief Executive Officer until the appointment of a new CEO .

The Board Directors expressed its thanks and appreciation to Engineer / Ihab Ibrahim Mohammed Osman for his performance in the past period and decided to honor him.







Sudatel group delegation and the accompanying media group return from a round to visit foreign group companies outside

Praise of God and his Almighty, returned   to the country the day before yesterday the Sudatel delegation and media group accompanying round of Foreign Affairs organized by Sudatel to visit companies outside in each of the states of Senegal , which owns the Group Company ( espresso ) and Mauritania, which owns the Group Company ( Hnqatl ), was chaired by The delegation Engineer / Ehab Ibrahim Othman , accompanied by Vice President for commercial Affairs Engineer / Tariq Hamza Zine El Abidine Professor / Magdy Al-mardy the  Director Executive Office of Administration and Dr . Hashim Al Badry Director of Corporate Communications and Mr. / Mohammed Amin Mustafa director of media and marketing management, and both editors Al-Entibaha  newspaper  Mr. Sadiq Ruzaiqi, Al- Watan newspaper  Mr. Jmal Angarh and   Khartoum newspaper  Mr. Abdul Rahman secretary and the Next day(Alyom Altaly) newspaper Mr. Muzammil Abu al-Qasim and Mr. representative of  Al-Ayyam newspaper.

    This has met the media staff accompanying  to the delegation departmental executive of both companies , and stood on the successful investments managed by the group in Senegal, Mauritania and the extent of development reached by the significant impact caused by the two countries, also the Sudatel delegation has met the two Sudanese ambassadors in Senegal and Mauritania and members of their missions diplomacy as well have been the work of a number of meetings on the sidelines of the visit with representatives of the Mauritanian Journalists Syndicate and audiologist         Authority officials optics

     It is worth mentioning that the delegation oversees meeting with Senegalese President in the presidential palace in the capital Dakar and heard the full satisfaction with the performance of a company espresso (SUDATEL) and full support of the company and its investments so as to being a sophisticated company and is committed to the laws of the country and contribute to the growth of the Senegalese economy.

    At the end of the visit by the delegation Media was very happy in this opportunity and the kind invitation of SUDATEL and which allowed them to stand close to the investments Sudanese successful outside, the thing that made ​​them feel proud and pride for this success and what they touched the appreciation and respect for the Sudanese personal in the two countries.



 Sudani honors Professor Ali Shomo and gives initiative Competition Award for honoring the Sudanese Personal outstanding.

Sudani Telecommunications Company honored  Professor Ali Shomo head of the National Council for Press and Publications by awarded him the  Prize of  Competition(Initiative acetic (stay) Sudanese ) for  honoring the outstanding Sudanese  personalities on Sudani page via social networking  Facebook which was allocated to compete in this round of the contest for the idealism personal( individual - group) , which awarded an international or regional Prize  of legal recognition of exceptional effort, creativity, or something unique in any  fields of business , sports, culture , thought , or the various sciences.

Prof. Ali Shomo express his  deep happiness and appreciation for this honor, which was initiated by Sudani and sent his thanks to those who made ​​his candidacy of this initiative and the company and its leadership valuing the role of the great pioneer in the development of telecommunications in the country , adding that the award is a good initiative for optimal utilization of technology and communication techniques to connect successive generations, also Prof. Ali Shomo has been praised the interaction of the company and its communicate in the community and adopted a number of social and national projects which has its benefits and large concrete in several axes such as: water , health and education in addition to its contribution to the obvious in a paradigm shift for the telecommunications sector in the country, also praised the communication of the quarterly magazine produced  by the Sudani and  expressed by saying its a magazine premium represents and  add the quality of the magazines in the country .worth mentioning that the initiative comes within the framework of the highlight on Sudanese distinct personalities have different contributions in the community where Sudani previously honored several outstanding Sudanese personalities through its initiative on Facebook to honor outstanding Sudanese Personalities.


Sudani honors Dr. Tetaoy and ensures printing of his third book

Within the framework of communication with the media and journalists Sudani honored Dr. Mohyeldin Tetaoy, Prime Captain of Sudanese Journalists Union on the occasion of winning membership into the International Federation of Journalists. Sudani announced its commitment to print Dr. Tetaoy’s third book in appreciation and recognition of his achievements throughout his media career.

During a ceremony held at Sudanese Journalists Union Club, Dr. Hashem Al-Badri, head of Communications section in Sudani, congratulated Dr. Mohyeldin Tetaoy for winning the position and praised his rich media experience as well as his administration's governance of the Journalists Union.

Professor Fateh Al-Said, who was also at the ceremony, commended Sudani’s interactions with the community its many social and national projects. He also listed victories achieved by the Union at all levels and its alliances.

Other speakers at the ceremony were Professor Abdullah Alerdb, representative of the Press Council and Mr. Fadlallah Mohamed, representative for publishers and  journalists. In conclusion, Dr Tetaoy praised the Sudani initiative that honored him in the presence of a large gathering of media and journalists.



Mashroa’ay contest selects top twenty-four projects

Sudani is the main sponsor of the collaboration with the British Embassy, British Council and Employers' Association for Sudanese Youth.

At Corinthia Hotel, in a recent press conference on Mashroa'ay (my project) Contest the final 24 contests were announced.  The selection of these final contestants was done in two phases. In the first phase, all 3,000 application forms received from contestants were screened by a specialized committee. These were closely examined and scrutinized by the committee then filtered down to 100 contestants. During the second phase, neutral committees examined the projects in terms of innovation, practicality, marketing and administrative outlook, and these were then further reduced to 24 final contestants.

At the beginning of the conference Mr. David Balkarov, the charge d'affaires of the British Embassy, expressed his happiness of the contest process so far and affirmed the full support of the United Kingdom for the competition that seeks to create economic investment opportunities among youth. He thanked the contest sponsors for their considerable financial and technical support.

British Council director, Mr. Charles Natal, also expressed both his satisfaction with the competition course process as well as that of the Council. The results of the participants indicated that the proportion of the youth under the age 30, was more than 66%, while the proportion of women 27%, Mr Natal was pleased with the quality of the ideas and hoped that they would contribute the economy of Sudan.

The chairman of the Youth Employers Association, Mr. Ahmed Amin Abdullatif, expressed his pride in this partnership, and that it reflected the core values of the Employers' Association in providing support for Sudanese youth.

Professor Hassan Fadlallah Mawla Blue Nile Channel Manager in his speech expressed delight at the completion of the first phases of the project and pointed out that they are eagerly awaiting the great start of the TV episodes that will air on Blue Nile Channel. He promised that their preparations were on track and that great work will be delivered.

For his part, Ihab Ibrahim Osman, Sudatel Chief Executive Officer and the main sponsor of this competition, stressed Sudani’s leadership role in social responsibility and its support to inspirational initiatives such as this one. This competition, he stated, is the first such contest that will air on television highlighting investment opportunities and youthful ambition in Sudan, He also stressed the importance of focusing on the main goal of this competition which is youth encouragement to enter the field of entrepreneurship.

At the end of the conference the final 24 contestants who will enter the final screening stage were announced. These selected contestants will present their projects in a series of TV episodes that will air on Blue Nile Channel after Ramadan.


Sponsored by Sudani Telecommunication Company a great success for the anti-drug seminar at the green Garden:

Stave off Organization established the impact of drugs a big celebration at the green garden sponsored by Sudani Telecommunication Company on the occasion of World Day against drugs under the slogan (Pro-Youth and families from the dangers of drugs), and the celebration included a number of interesting parts and also included a concert part, then a seminar about drugs applied by Dr. Maaz Sharfi the Director of the Office of Protection and Prevention in Organization and he warned families to the threat of drugs, then spoke Dr. Mohamed Ahmed, Director Insurance patients  of the Organization about the danger of drugs, then spoke the Secretary-General of the Organization Mr. Essam Mohamed, saying:  this celebration and symposium came to educate community from the dangers of drugs and he thanks the Sudani Telecommunication Company of the Sponsored of the celebration,  and it is going to have smart partnership with the company through the next stage, and the anti-drugs seminars  will be transferred  to the Universities and the public parks to make the Youth   aware of  the dangers of drugs.


Sudani and the General Union of Khartoum State honoring the first top hundred students:

During the celebration at the Teacher Hall …. Sudani Company established in  Teacher Hall for the first top hundred students from the Sudanese certificate and the top nine students from the stage of foundation in the Khartoum state, in addition to the owners of scientific inventions in universities  with loftiness of Mrs. Suad Abdel Razek the Minister of Education, Dr. Mutasim Abdul Rahim the Minister of Education in Khartoum state, and Engineer Tariq Hamza the Executive Vice President of Sudatel and a large number of Outstanding Students  families, the ceremony began with recitation Verses of the Holy Quran then spoke Mr. Musaab Mohammed Head of the General Union of Khartoum state students saying:  congratulations to the outstanding students We are pleased with this celebration and We commend Sudani company, the giant company that always powered the students, followed by talking Engineer Tariq Hamza Executive Vice President of Sudatel group said: We are very happy to honor the future of Sudan, and We are proud of it, and outstanding students are honored Sudani, and Sudani doesn't honor them, and this is duty of Sudani's duties  towards the outstanding Students, endless congratulates to the Mothers and Teachers whom have made the effort to manufacture this success, and spoke Dr. Mutasim Abdul Rahim, Minister of Education in Khartoum state thanking the audience and wishing for the Outstanding Students to continue to achieve success, then there was a singing break submitted the Magic band, while the Tyrab Comedy Band excelled in providing breaks of Sketches, then spoke Mrs. Suad Abdel Razek, the Minister of Education, saying: I congratulate the outstanding students and their families on this distinction, and I think that they have a great responsibility towards the nation, then the first top hundred from the Sudanese certificate honored and the top nine students from the stage of the foundation in Khartoum state and the owners of inventions in Universities in an atmosphere of joy and parents happiness, and outstanding students praised Sudani Telecommunication Company to honor them .



Sudani Sponsoring the press for the announcement of the result Sudanese High School Certificate

Today Saturday, June 22, 2013 the results of the Sudanese High School certificate was announced at a press conference at Telecommunication Tower in Khartoum, in the presence of the Minister of Education and professor Souad Abdel Razek, under the patronage of Sudani.

Sudani congratulates all students and their families on their success!

Now exclusively for all Sudani subscribers, get your certificate results simply by sending your Examination Seat Number to 2929.


The conclusion activities commemoration of the tents anniversary of the death professor Abdullah Al Tayeb


yesterday concluded the activities of the tenth anniversary of the death of professor Abdullah Al Tayeb in hall friendship humanoid the first vice president Mr. Ali Osman Mohamed Taha and minister of information and a group of Scientifics and a large number of ministers constitutionalists and members of the diplomatic corps and the supreme body to revive the memory of the late sudani company leaders lead Mr. Tarig Hamza Zain elabdein executive vice president to Sudatel group and the leaders of the operational work of the group and the number of guests , where the start of the program verses from the Holly Quran and presentation of a documentary film on professor .

Mr. Amin Alnefaedi spoke saying the role of late, stressing the fact that radio (ALRAYYAN) to Commemorate Professor Abdullah Al Tayeb.

Guests will also occur representative Ibrahim Zaau of the prestige Abdullah Al Tayeb center of the world the Islamic area.

on the other side Dr. Al Saddig Omar Al Saddig listed one of the late poems found heeded and have reviews from the audience. Mr. Tarig Hamza spoke the word exhaustive enumerating the exploits of the doctor nothing the launch of sudani award the name of Prof. Abdullah Al Tayeb and the formation of a higher committee and a number of printing books late will be distributed free to students of science and knowledge in universities.

Dr. Hussein spoke of the family of the late stressing that he was sight us with his family and thanked the presidency of the republic the government and sponsored by sudani and Al Nefeedi group and the high commission for the revive this anniversary .

Been listening to coral college of music and drama from the university of Sudan with a song written by the late (THE FAREWELL KHARTOUM).


Sudani Honors Winners of the first rank in International Depot Championship in Qatar

As part of its sponsorship and interest in all segments of our community,  Sudani honored first place winners of the Second International Debates Championship. This championship is organized by Qatar Debate National Convention for Arabic college students in the Arab region. The team from University of Khartoum came first in rank among the forty three teams from various countries.

Winners from University of Khartoum are:

1.Amjd Abdelrahman Ahmed Osman, 2nd Year Engineering.

2.Awab Ahmed Al Mesbah , 5th Year Engineering .

3.Mohamed Almuatasem Osman, 6th Year, Medicine.

4.Tahani Ahmed Moala, 5th Year Engineering.

Sudani also honored Dr. Alsadig Omer Al Saddig, director of the institute, Dr. Abdullah Al Tayeb and Mr. Yahia Mohamed Osman, Department of Political Science , University of Khartoum, for supervising these outstanding students.


Sudani specializing grand prize in memory of the professor Abdullah Al Tayeb

Tag in memory of professor Abdullah Al Tayeb sudani specialty award for the best research in science professor Abdullah Al Tayeb supreme body established to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the scientist Abdullah Al Tayeb press conference on Sunday the second of June in grand holiday villa hotel in the presence of a large number of student and lovers of science subscribers brand professor Abdullah Al Tayeb Jerzelda , the president said media committee Mr. Mahjoob Mohammed Osman that this anniversary comes different from its predecessors and for the kind patronage of Sudani company and Al Nefaedi charity group explaining that the sudani company kindly allocate a prize for the best research in the science professor Abdullah Al Tayeb as kindly Al Nefaedi charity creative radio broadcast late Abdullah Al Tayeb especially the interpretation of the Holly Quran .-Ms. Sara Abbo committee member brief explanation about the appropriate indicating that this conference has been the timing of the second day of June to coincide with the anniversary of the professor Abdullah Al Tayeb who agree that date followed is also a member of the committee Dr. Al Saddig Omar Al Saddig program to attended explaining events that will be and which began this conference was followed by many questions and discussions of the journalists.-in his speech, explained Mr. Magdi Makki director of the executive office of the sudani didn’t hesitate to care for this work citing contributions professor Abdullah Al Tayeb and its role in enriching the intellectual arena praising the translation which has of late message from English into Arabic for the first time adding that the coming days will witness many events associated with fragrant anniversary under the auspices of sudani.


Investment conference in the Arab food security

as part of its continuing as national leader in the support and promotion of all economic and industrial sectors in the country.
Sudani company to participate in the care of the investment conference of Arab food security in Khartoum ,which held its daily 20 to 21 may 2013 was honored conference attendees representing the president of the republic and patron of the conference Dr. Nafei Ali Nafei assistant president of the activities of a large number of congress ministers , ambassadors and investors from within and outside Sudan and those interested in the agricultural sector and organizations working in this field and agricultural companies and industrial and also participated in the conference Eng. Ihab Ibrahim Osman , chief executive officer and director general of the Sudatel group .
-The security of participants in the conclusion of the conference on the importance of supporting the agricultural infrastructure in Sudan , especially in light of the growing need for food in the world that the conference organized by the general union of chambers of commerce and industry and agriculture for Arab countries , in coordination with the Sudanese employers federation and the union of Sudanese banks and UNIDO .



SUDATEL Signed to hold the third phase of the Infrastructure for E. Government

Sudanese Telecommunication company signed a contract for the third phase of the info structure for e. government communication tower in the presence of Dr. Issa Bushra and minister of science and communication Eng. Ihab Ibrahim Chief Executive officer and Director General of the Sudatel has been signed on 6 thousands of government facility , including Hospitals , Schools and public universities and health centers , have found the step great satisfaction from the audience as it is expected that electronic occur e-government  the major shift in the organization of government action and flowa smooth and comfortable , including government agencies can carry out their duties towards the citizen SOA.


SUDATEL Signed a contract a auspices of the Sudanese Olympic Committee

   Signed SUDATEL to contract contacts with the Sudanese Olympic Committee (IOC)to take care of Olympic action in Sudan for a period of four years starting from the year 2013 and even Rio De Janeiro Olympic in Brazil in the Year 2016 God willing come.
   The Contract was signed by the care SUDATEL engineer Ihab Ibrahim Osama, CEO and general manager while signed by the Sudanese Olympic Committee Professor Hashim Haroun Chairman of the Committee.
    This celebration was honored  y his Excellency Colonel /Abdalrahman Al Sadeg al Mahdi President of the Sudanese Olympic Committee and group of Journalists and athletes interested in Olympic federation in Sudan who have all expressed their happiness this important step that comes to complement to SUDATEL 's role in sponsoring the Sport , which started a few years ago under the auspices of Premier League Soccer and the other Sporting which deservedly trend as the first sponsor of sport in unchallenged.




Sudani sponsor the Sixth Scientific Forum computer and engineering students

The youth Student Demonstration center and major scientific patronage Sudanese company , established scientific creativity welfare Authority yesterday a big celebration at the friendship hall in honor of the winners in the sixth session of the scientific forum for Engineering and Gauss students that Humanoid Dr. Haj Adam vice president and Dr. Tahane  Abdullah and minister of the state at the Ministry of Science Communication and body care leaders led by professor Magdi Makki , Director of the Executive office of management SUDATEL Group  and Dr. Hashim Al Badri  director of Corporate Communications and a large number of Students and their families.
-Spoke at the ceremony, Dr. Haj Adam vice president praised the people of Science , Student's , University Professors and young participants expressing his pleasure to be the center of this minds Nabgh and Scientifics and grateful for Sudani Company for Sponsoring this great work .
-For his part, Professor magdi Makki Director of the Executive office of Administration SUDATEL said we are very happy to be the center of this major Scientific event and the bright constellation.
-He said that the Sudanese have a significant interest in youth and creators because they are all present and future, stressing the Company's parking with creators and youth.
-Dr. Tahani Abdullah and Minister of State at the Ministry of Science and Communication expressed her pleasure to attend this celebration and to     be a witness to the coronation of youth Sudan this honor and recognition.
-The company also thanked the Sudanese Sponsored scientific forum.
-The total amount of the projects submitted for the competition (131) projects and won them  22 projects with the participation of a different universities


Sudan signed a contract sponsored the Sudanese Premier League 2013

leagueThe draw ceremony was held the sudani premier league foot ball  Carinthia hotel Khartoum through a huge celebration in the presence of a number of political leaders and their sports  Mr. Sideeg Mohamed  Toom minister of youth and sports and Mr. Eltayeb Hassan Badawi minister of youth and sports in Khartoum state , and  Mr. Mohamed Al sheikh  Madani  president of the Legislative Council in Khartoum state and Eng. Kamal Balla minister of agriculture in south kordofan and a number of leaders of Sudatel  telecom blow Eng. Ihab Ibrahim chief executive officer , the ceremony was also attended by the leaders of the Sudanese union to soccer lead Dr. Mutasim  Jaafar   Sirelkhatim president of the federation and representatives of the clubs participating in the version 2013 of the sudani  premier league football and a group of journalists ..

 Began the ceremony by  reading verses from the Holly Quran then came a speech welcoming the attended by sudani company ,it was a private panorama view of the competition and after that contract was signed between the sudani telecom company and the general federation of football .
Dr. Mutasim Jaafar speaking expressing deep happiness completion of the new season sponsorship deal by sudani for this company continues to support and sponsorship of major domestic competition for clubs.
-Dr. jaafar also praised Eng. Ihab Ibrahim the big turn since the beginning of care sudani premier competition, he said that his presence in the position of CEO of the company now has helped them to complete the deal of care mutually satisfactory manner and without the complexities and added, we in turn tell him thank you for this step, which reflect the realizing the importance of sport and the need to support even start forward.
-group chief executive of Sudatel Eng. Ihab Ibrahim also spoke he explained that their partnership with the European union and the premier league care what percentage represents the sport of many meanings.... and said we want a clean league without in tolerance and to be a high spirit of sportsmanship stressing pursuit Sudatel hard to be the first sponsor of the sport in Sudan, we also hope to promote the sport.






Sudani sponsors Premier Football League


Sudatel Telecom Group used to sponsor sports all over Sudan. Sudatel and Sudan Football League have signed, in Corinthia Hotel in Khartoum, a contract to sponsor Sudan premier football league.

The signing ceremony has been honored by the Presence of the Minister Youth and Sport Mr. Al Fatih Taj Al Sir, State Minster of Youth and Sport Mr. Mahgoub Toto, the Representative of Sudatel Executive President Eng. Zain Al Abdein Abd Al Azim , Sudan Football League President Dr. Mutasim Gaffer ,Sudan Football League Secretary General Mr. Magdi Shams Aldein and the leaders of sports sector. After the signing ceremony the premier league has been officially named as Sudani Premier League.While addressing the signing ceremony, Sudatel Director of Promotion for Public Sector said that Sudatel is keen to continue sponsoring sports activities referring to the Group’s pervious experiences in the field. On his part, Sudan Football League President Dr. Mutasim Gaffer said that they are happy to sign the contract with Sudatel Telecom Group. We appreciate our previous experience with Sudani in sponsoring the premier league that enabled Sudan to reach the final twice said Dr. Mutasim Gaffer adding that Sudani took the lead and applied for sponsoring the premier league which is called now Sudani Premier League concluding that Sudani has used to sponsor sport activities in Sudan and the external participations. Sudatel Marketing Executive Director Eng. Mohamed Sharif said in the signing ceremony that the partnership between Sudatel and Sudan Football League has entered its six year. Sudatel congratulates Sudan National Team for its good results in Africa Cup finals said Eng. Mohamed Sharif adding Sudatel used to support sports in Sudan for long time as part of its social support activities. Sudatel is famous for its various social support activities that cover many sectors concluded Eng. Mohamed Sharif.On his part the Minister Youth and Sport Mr. Al Fatih Taj Al Sir said that he is glad to start his office term by singing the sponsorship contract with Sudatel Telecom Group. Sudani Premier League for sure will be the focus of international clubs due to the outstanding performance of players in the past premier league and Africa Cup concluded the minister.


Sudani sign an agreement with Secretariat ofSudanese Working Abroad.


On Thursday July 22nd 2010, Sudani sign an agreement with the Secretariat ofSudanese Working Abroad at Sudatel Building (Khartoum), in the presence of Eng. Imad Hussein, (Sudatel Group president), Dr. Karar Al-Tuhami )SSWA CEO( as well as a number of Sudani & SSWA directors.

Mr. Imad Aldin Husein uttered his pleasure in coordination with the Secretariat ofSudanese Working Abroad, and he assured to Sudani Telecom that this agreement is waiting great efforts to be applied as required.

Dr. Karrar AlTuhami expressed his grateful to Sudatel Group, he noted that this agreement is very important for the SSWA because Sudatel is one of most important national company in all over Sudan; in the mean time he assured that Sudatel group will find all the required support from SSAW inside & outside Sudan.

Sudani One & international Missions forum

On Wednesday 30th of June 2010, Sudani Telecom held a corporative forum for the International Missions at Burj Al-Fateh hotel (Khartoum) in the presence of Sudatel president, number of Sudani telecom CxOs & directors, diplomatic representatives, NGOs representatives, journalists and media outlet, the forum was accompanied by the fabulous Music show presented by the Musician Mr. Hafez A/Rahman.

Mr. Emmanuel Hamez (Sudani CEO) addressed the forum and explains the services provided by Sudani, he stated that Sudani telecom offers its customers especially international missions in Sudan the best services.

Mr. Abdallah Saeed (Sudani CMO) expressed his pleasure on the forum and noted that Sudani is the first network in Sudan with a wider coverage and the only that help customers to minimize their telecommunication expenses through its unique services & offers.

Sudani One Corporate Sales forum – Banking sector

On Monday 24th May 2010, Sudani Telecom held a forum for its corporate sales (Banking sector), at Al-Salam Rotana Hotel, the forum was attended by Sudani Telecom CxOs, Banking sectors representatives, journalist and media outlet.

Mr. Emmanuel Hamez (Sudani CEO) addressed the forum welcomed the attendees and he explained the services provided by Sudani saying that Sudani offers its customer the latest telecom services.

Mr. Abdallah Saeed (Sudani CMO) uttered his pleasure on the forum and pointed out that the Banking Sector is the most important economic sector in all over Sudan and for Sudani telecom.

Mr. Muzzamil El-Tyeb (corporate Sales Director) presents a presentation about Sudani latest services for banking sector.

Sudani One Sales Campaign in Khartoum

On Tuesday 18th of May, Sudani Telecom launches a new sales activity in cooperation with Sudani dealers in all over Khartoum state in the presence of Sudani CxOs, and a number of directors from Sudani Telecom, beside Journalist and Media representatives.
Khartoum Sales Campaign will continue for a month and covers all Khartoum states.
Mr. Emmanuel Hamez (Sudani CEO) addressed the ceremony and reminded all the attendees (employees & customers) that Sudani network is the best and covers most of the country.
Mr. Mustafa Omer (Sudani CCO) expressed his pleasure on this campaign; and he noted that this campaign will reach to all Sudani customers anytime & anywhere.
Mr. Abdullah Saeed (Sudani CMO) noted that this sales campaign is unique campaign because it promotes for both Sudani SIM Card and handset.