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mDSL Driver Update

In our quest to improve the service and to avail more resources to serve you, Sudani is planning in the coming days to upgrade its mDSL network. To secure this goal, the operation depends on the upgrade of your mDSL modem. We have developed the application (PRL Loader) below to perform this. Just download and run the suitable file for your modem from below.

ZTE Huawei

In the same download, will also find the user manual, which we kindly advise you to read first. For assistance, you can always call Sudani Customer Care Center (120 from Sudani or 120120120 from any other network), or visit the nearest sales’ center after 30/9/2012 for more support and assistance.

Upgrade files support Windows operating system only. For Macintosh users and other operating systems, you can upgrade in a Windows machine and return to use your native operating system normally just as before the upgrade.


  • To avoid any service interruption, kindly upgrade your modem before 30/9/2012.
  • You need to upgrade only one time.
  • Network upgrade operation will be in Al Eldamazin only. Subscribers outside Eldamazin are not affected by this operation.

After downloading, you can go directly to manage your account (recharge & purchase) normally, this page will be fixed and you can always ignore it.